John Hutton's cartoons - let's get them to Coventry

Friends of Coventry Cathedral are fundraising to bring these important drawings to Coventry

“They are just amazing, and I was lost for words when I first saw them. There is a triptych of images, with the image in the middle signed by John Hutton. They are white chalk on black cartridge paper and measure approximately 8’ by 3’. They are framed and glazed”.Dianne Morris, Cathedral archivist

The Hutton cartoon is an original work of art that is now offered to the Friends of Coventry Cathedral before it goes to auction. It is framed and will be displayed at Coventry Cathedral - please contribute to bring this amazing art to Coventry.​

The Hutton cartoon is part of an estate. The executors were initially hoping to raise at least £2,000 from its sale. They have agreed to accept the pre-auction sum of £1500 if it can be raised by the Friends of Coventry Cathedral as they would like the angel to wing its way to Coventry.

Contributions (payable to The Friends of Coventry Cathedral) can be sent to the following address:

Hutton Angel Appeal
63 Daventry Road

or, in exhcange for one of 100 Aaron Law zines on the Coventry art of William Mitchell, alongside a Coventry Cathedral bookmark, via the Photo Miners Buy My A Coffee page.

Miniumum donation is £6 to cover donation and p&p.