Meet Me Under the Elephant: Coventry Counter-Culture and Protest Revisited

Generously funded by Arts Council England and the City of Culture Trust

In Coventry, meeting under the elephant means congregating below the sculpture installed immediately after the war in the city centre. It is beacon, where people meet, and a symbol of strength in unity.

If you're thinking of applying, know that we're committed to working with you in a way that fits your lifestyle. If you work, or have caring responsibilities, you might be available at very specific times. Don't let this put you off applying. We're open to working evenings and weekends if that's what is needed to ensure your voice is heard and your vision is seen. We want to know what the issue is and how if affects you most of all. If you paint, or write or photograph, or if you don't know yet, complete the form below with your idea. Closing date is Sunday 20th March at 4pm.

What's the project about?

Twelve non-artist participants will work with two artists, Hardish Virk and Adele Mary Reed, and curator Charlie Levine, to move from inspiration to exhibition in response to something happening in Coventry they don't agree with.

We'll focus on two themes: changes to place/ space and counterculture communities.

A response could be to a major development or a person may feel their issue is hidden or ignored, or not given sufficient concern by those in power or those able to do something about it. Whatever the issue, we'll give participants the support they need to create and exhibit an artistic response.

By exhibiting the twelve participants in spaces throughout Coventry, we'll highlight the issue through art and develop public conversation, and, we hope, encourage more people to see how artistic responses are a valid and enduring form of protest.

How it will work

The participants are to be chosen by the project team through an open call. We're looking for people who are non-artists but do want to explore how artists creatively respond to issues by working with and learning from the project team. Those not chosen will be signposted to other help. The twelve will have £200 to support their practice, plus sessions with their artist, curator and Photo Miners, to help them explore the idea, consider a response, produce and then exhibit in an appropriate space.

The creative work begins in April until May and the exhibitions will begin in mid-May until the end of June.

For an informal chat, please email Ben Kyneswood on or complete the form below to enter the open call. Closing date is Sunday 20th March at 4pm.

Visitor's Book

Use this form to tell us who you are and what your idea is. Don't forget to include a contact email or number.