Tayler Brothers

Funded by Arts Council England
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Tayler Brothers Studios

The Tayler Brothers Studios in Hillfields ran for 70 years and documented the people of Coventry throughout the twentieth century. This project crowd-sources images to tell stories of Coventry's past, and will project images at Coventry Cathedral during December 2016. We'll also be offering workshops to tell your story of the city.

The Tayler Brothers, 20 Primrose Hill Street, Hillfields, Coventry

The Tayler Brothers studio photographed Coventrians between 1900 and 1970. Their images gives us a glimpse into the past of Coventry. However, the photographs are not together in a single collection but distributed across Coventry and beyond, held in the shoes boxes and archives of families that used the studio's services.

Selected photographs from the Tayler Brothers' collection

PAM have been funded by Arts Council England to crowd source these images in order to help the public re-tell the history of Coventrians. We'll do this digitally, with people sequencing images to tell a story that evokes Coventry past.

What did they do? What was their home life like? What of work, family, food, child care, friendship? What can this tell us of how Coventry came to be the city we know today?


The images were projected in exhibition inside one of the world's most iconic buildings, Coventry Cathedral in the two weeks before Christmas to thousands of visitors.

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Thanks go to John Witcombe, the Dean of Coventry Cathedral, for giving permission to project in such an iconic building and supporting our project, and to Mindy at ArtsSpace for the extra exhibition space.

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