Imagine Hillfields

Funded by the AHRC and ESRC through Warwick University
Coronation Road
Coronation Road © Jason Scott Tilley

Hillfields was the subject of this two-year project to explore alternative narratives of life under regeneration in a poor area of Coventry. We co-produced an exhibition with Hillfields residents by curating photographic archives that challenged the negative stereotyping of the area.

Warwick University, Funded by AHRC and ESRC, as part of the national Imagine Project

Ben Kyneswood was Research Fellow at the University of Warwick for this project, with Jason Tilley funded by Arts Council England to produce a response to the 1964 photographs of Hillfields by John Blakemore.

Community members turned to photography to narrate the physical and social changes in Hillfields, using a community curated exhibition to convey their story rather than a written report.

By doing so, the community story received greater attention both inside and outside of the community, with satellite exhibitions happening at St. Peter's Centre (which now has its own permanent exhibition), City college, Coventry, and the University of Warwick.

The exhibition, called Imagine Hillfields can be seen on the project website here and in the Coventry Evening Telegraph. We also gained a 500,000 Twitter reach during the exhibition.