Creative voluntary opportunities
Lend a hand

Get involved with us to build your creative experience and meet some great friends

Contact Mark Cook on mc@photomining.org for more

At Photo Miners we rely on voluntary support to get things done. This can include helping us build the walls for an exhibition, which is hard work, or might involve using your Photoshop skills on project images, or invigilating the actual exhibition, helping visitors understand what the exhibition is about.

As we grow we are looking to build a network of volunteers who can spare a couple of hours here and there.

Our aim is to give you direct experience of getting projects together, including all the hard behind the scenes work that makes the final output look so good, so that if you ever decide to do this yourself, you've got experience and some good friends you can rely on.

If you're an organisation looking to place volunteers, please contact us. We're always after good people because they're always in demand but we also hope the experience we offer is a quality one.

We've got the policies in place for monitoring, and can talk you through how we do things, how we can help, and how, if you've a group of volunteers, we might be able to work with them all together.

Contact Mark Cook on mc@photomining.org for more